Saturday, 6 November 2010

Chim Chimney

I love Paris roofscapes.

I love going round to friend's houses who live on the upper floors of their apartment buildings, and looking out of their windows to see the complex juxtaposition of roof tops. Part of the pleasure are the chimneys. Paris not only gives good lamppost, it gives good chimney. There are hundreds of chimneys, brick ones, metal ones, stone ones, clusters of them, solitary ones. Over the last year I have slowly built up a chimney collection. The way you do.

Here is a long view showing rows and rows of chimney pots.
Sometimes the chimneys step down.
Sometimes they're in long lines, or small clusters.
Sometimes they gather together in flocks.
Sometimes they zig.
Sometimes they reach up to catch aeroplanes, and zag.
Sometimes they serve as planters for the Eiffel Tower.
Sometimes they even serve as candles.
They usually have hats to keep out the rain.
But not always.
Sometimes they look great in the foreground.
And sometimes they make a fantastic backdrop. 

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