Saturday, 27 November 2010

Crossing the river

The other morning I cycled across Paris. By cycling 'across' Paris I mean I crossed the river. Living in Montmartre, and working from home means I don't go cross the river that often, but when I do, without fail, I am always overwhelmed by what a beautiful city I live in. I love the beautiful long views you get, and the big sky. The other morning it had started out snowing, then drizzle, but at the moment when I was crossing the river the sky had cleared and the sun was trying to break through the clouds. The colours were subtle and nearly monochrome and the lines of the buildings were very clear.

I crossed over le Pont du Carrousel which is just by the Louvre and got a gorgeous view of the île de la Cité with the Pont des Arts in the foreground and Notre-Dame in the back ground.
Looking in the other direction I saw the Eiffel Tower just peering over the roof tops.
Cycling along the Quai Anatole France which passes the Musée d'Orsay I saw the huge big wheel that has been installed at Place de la Concorde for the Christmas period. To the left of the wheel you can just see the gold tip of the Obelisk, at the middle of Place de la Concorde. The sky had a slight pink tinge.
As I cycled west and crossed the 7th, where the roads get wider and emptier, and the cars get bigger and blacker, with more tinted windows and more...umm...wrooom. I stopped by the Ecole Militaire and took these two pictures, to add to my 'who's meddled with the Eiffel Tower' collection. 
Three. Two. One. Take off!

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