Wednesday, 17 November 2010


I've written about these balconies before. The ones on rue Caulaincourt that catch the sun. These ones. The ones I didn't notice at all, until one day, early evening, the sun reflected off them and radiated a beautiful light. Like this.
Well lately the early setting sun has been giving off an amazing orange glow across the roof tops and upper stories of the buildings of Paris. The view from our balcony shows the orange glow I'm talking of.

 I thought it was time to check out the balconies on Rue Caulaincourt again. And frankly, it was well worth the detour. These were taken just after 16h00.
Then 15 minutes later the buildings looked like this!
I then went back again about an hour later. The gold glow had gone, the buildings looked grey, but the  balconies were a deep pink.
And as an unexpected bonus, I got to see this!


  1. Ha! Well, you provided more porn fodder. :)

    Love these!

  2. Thank-you. It took me years before I really noticed this row of 'immeubles', I was clearly walking down the hill at the wrong time of day! BB