Thursday, 11 November 2010

When the sun came out

So the rain finally stopped and the sun came out. It felt amazing to see some blue sky at last, and not to have to have the lights on in the house all day long.

I walked out onto the street for the first time in what seemed like forever, without an umbrella and was faced with this. 

The sky was so blue, the crisp clear blue you get after rain, with caracature clouds.
We walked through the quartier des Abbesses, the Christmas decorations are up, though not yet turned on. The snowflakes caught the sun and sparkled none the less.
Rather stupidly, for a day when the sun finally comes out, we went to the cinema, Studio 28. Once you have promised a child that you're going to the cinema (the first time in over a year), the mere fact that the sun has come out means you can't break your promise. I had fun taking photos of the lights inside the cinema.
After the cinema we went to the park, 'Jardin Burq' a gorgeous, little known park, surrounded by amazing houses, ateliers and apartments. I took this picture a few weeks ago so the leaves are still green, but it gives you an idea of what the park and its' surroundings looks like.
The sun glowed in highest tree branches.
The windows caught the sun and reflected the surrounding trees.
When we headed home the sun was setting.
And then it started raining again.

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