Saturday, 4 December 2010

Gold in the city of light

With all this snow, and cold and grey I feel the need for a bit of brightness. More precisely a bit of shininess. Why not some gold? At any one time in Paris some old building is being restored. The Opéra national de Paris, Palais Garnier, was under wraps recently and now, mostly uncovered, reveals freshly gilded statues at the top. Very very shiny ones.
I think the spires on the top of the Grands Magasins Printemps must have been re-gilded recently as well. They're incredibly intricate and elaborate, and particularly catch the eye on a sunny day.
As have the winged horses on Pont Alexandre III. The bridge with the amazing lampposts.
I think the lampposts on Place de la Concorde must have been restored lately too, though I don't remember seeing it happen. Usually when I'm there I'm on a bike and need to concentrate on not getting run over, rather than checking out the physical condition of the lampposts.
The gates on the Jardins des Tuileries have yet to be done, though I must say I love the slightly mat gold finish.
Gold, the colour, can be found everywhere.

Even the Eiffel Tower likes to rub shoulders with gold.
More gold  images can be found here.

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