Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Snow in the city

Well it won't surprise anybody to hear that it's been snowing in Paris. Snowing a lot. I'm not sure I've ever seen so much settle on the roads in Paris, in the 18 years I've been living here. I've stepped out a few times onto our balcony to take pictures of Bruce, our Tasmanian Snow Gum. So far he seems to be living up to his name and appears untroubled by the snow. Time will tell.

I went a bit further afield later in the afternoon. There were cars about but much fewer than usual. This photo was taken in rue Caulaincourt. Given that it was about 3pm it's amazingly deserted.
This photo has a touch of Narnia about it.
Looking down, in the courtyard infront of our house.
Looking up.

Looking straight ahead.

Eyelashes catch the snow. My daughter didn't inherit those from me, unfortunately.
And finally some non snowy white fluff, our mandatory local-hair-dresser-poodle. They all seem to have one sitting in their window.

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