Friday, 10 December 2010

La Tour Eiffel

In the 1910s my grandmother came from Switzerland to live and work in Paris as a governess. She worked for a family who lived in a house on one of the roads than flanks the Champ de Mars, by the Eiffel Tower. Very Mary Poppins I always think. I often wonder what it was like to live in Paris at that time. A Paris with lots of horse drawn carriages and very few cars, and the Eiffel Tower just over twenty years old. The Eiffel Tower always amazes me, I wonder what it felt like to see it a hundred years ago.

There are several ways to enjoy the Eiffel Tower. From afar, it appears and disappears with a single step. This photo is taken from rue Caulaincourt. You step one metre to the right or left and you can no longer see it. In summer, forget it.
From close up...why hello!
In a chimney.
Hanging from a lamppost.
Dancing with flying fish.
Playing cache cache with flagpoles.
Fighting with buffalo.
Viewed through glass.
With its' head in the day...
...and by night.
And of course, never forget, the Eiffel Tower ALWAYS looks good in a vase.


  1. Absolutely great ! I really do love this post and your fantasy about our Eiffel tower. Kind regards.

  2. Thank-you. Who cannot be seduced by the Eiffel Tower? An amazing structure.